I love everything there is about music.  How it makes me laugh, cry, and comforts me.  How it pumps me up, reminds me that others hurt too and that the human condition is cathartic.  Most of all, I love when music and story are intertwined.


If you want to know where I got my inspiration and love for music, look no further.  I am the youngest of four siblings from a household that constantly flowed with music.  My mother learned to play the piano when she was a little girl.  She sang with the voice of an angel and was known all over Jacksonville Texas for her gift of song.  Mom gave me her love of Classics, Church Hymns, and the heart to lift up with music.  The gift of storytelling through song came from my Dad.  Waylon and Willie were among his favorites.  However, he loves all genres from Elvis to Abba.  My Brother, Ronnie, introduced me to Boston and Dire Straits.  Sisters, Carol and Kay, shared Dan Fogelberg, Toto, and the Eagles with me.


Listening to all of these amazing artists and their finely crafted albums gave me great inspiration to be the very best I could be at my own craft. Perhaps the biggest ah-ha moment in music was at three years old, my siblings would put headphones on me and play Neil Diamond’s song, Play Me.  That Music spoke to me like no other.  I’m certain my heart beats to a 3/4-time signature because of that song.


I shanghaied Ronnie’s guitar at eight years old and never looked back.  For the next nine years, I studied with my biggest guitar mentor, Tom Russell.  After graduating High School in 1989, My parents moved to Orange County, California.  Dad chose a job there in hopes that I would find a path of opportunity in Music.  I tried college courses several times but found no happiness in it.  Dad walked me around the block one afternoon and told me that I could always go back to college but couldn’t always pursue music.  From that point, Mom and Dad sacrificed much to help in my pursuit of happiness.


Southern California was a perfect location to meet other musicians and play for a living.  Some of my most influential and dear friends are still there.  For years, I played in the bar circuit up and down the coast of Orange County.  In 1995 I had the experience of playing live with Brian Wilson’s Daughters, Wendy and Carnie Wilson, along with a couple of live television appearances.  Shortly after, recorded my first Americana record called Fish Fry.  Next, a ten-year chapter began with playing in Las Vegas.  One opportunity after another led to House Gigs at the world famous Mirage and Bellagio Casinos until 2007.  During that time, I recorded a second Americana Album with longtime mentor Richard Bredice.  Those writing and recording experiences led me to one of the most influential and dear friends in my life, Ken Orsow.  Ken and I have been Co-Writing partners for over 10 years now.  Writing only by ear, over the telephone, we developed our style of songwriting that took me to Nashville in 2010.  Now coming full circle to East Texas, I’m back to where my inspiration started.  2017 was quite the serendipitous year, as I met dear friend and producer, Chad Mauldin, who inspired the final pieces of the puzzle.  Now with a brand-new album release for 2018, No Standing Waves, I’m taking my new record to Texas Country Radio and the Texas Music Circuit.  No Standing Waves is the latest music works of my life.  Songs about heart and the human condition.